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We now plan to bring out four publications summarising largely our own research findings which form the back-bone of the respective technology softwares outlined elsewhere.

  1. PTC:02-1 - Particle Size and Shape Characterization, Distributions, Measurement Techniques, Interconversion and Prediction of Powder Properties.

  2. PTC:02-2 - Methods for Design and Optimisation of Ball Mill and Other Grinding Circuits, Classifiers and Cyclones.

  3. PTC:02-3 - Methods for Design and Optimisation of Fluidized and Spouted Bed Reactors and Dryers.

  4. PTC:02-4 - Methods for Design and Optimisation of Rotary Granulator, Dryer, Cooler and Kiln.

In each report, the relevant theory is briefly explained followed by clear-cut calculation procedures for simulation and design, and finally illustrated with worked-out examples including industrial case studies, wherever possible.  Plant engineers, design engineers, quality control managers, technical and R&D personnel should find these methods extremely useful for not just a better understanding of the subject but in effecting actual plant improvements and optimisation as well.  The reports will be specifically useful in the following ways:

    • To understand the fundamentals of the process
    • To effect process improvements leading to optimisation
    • To conserve energy
    • To achieve improvements in powder quality
    • To reconcile apparent differences in the measurements of different instruments
    • To optimise design by correct sizing of equipments and operating conditions
    • To help you develop software for simulation and optimisation
    • To be useful as a teaching/training aid

We seek sponsorship of publication of the above reports @USD 10,000 (US Dollars Ten Thousand only) per report which will entitle you to the following:

  1. One copy each of the printed reports sponsored.
  2. One full page advertisement insertion, as per matter to be given by you, in the particular report(s) sponsored.
  3. Advertisement matter of not more than 50 words to be inserted in the respective section(s) in this website, which will be kept alive for a period of 6 months.  Links to your company's websites, if any, can also be provided in your advertisement.  

In case you are interested, please remit your payment in favour of Particle Technology Consultants, Current A/c No. 325, Punjab National Bank, East of Kailash Branch, New Delhi, India by Bank Transfer or Demand Draft at the earliest.

This offer is valid till 30th September 2007.

Address :  Dr. K. Viswanathan, B-113/2 East of Kailash, New Delhi 110065, INDIAPh : 91 11  26830345, Mob: 9818803624.   
  Email:  ptcsoftware@softhome.net