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TTC-4 : Fundamentals of Particle Size Analysis, Measurement and Analysis Techniques

Lecture 1- Implications of PSDs on Powder Quality Parameters and Energy Consumption of 
Equipments for Cement, Mineral, Fertilizer, Thermal Power, Pharmaceutical, Pesticide
Chemical, Detergent, Toner etc.
Lecture 2- Definitions of Particle Diameters, Particle Size Distributions, Shape Factors, 
Sphericity and Shape Distributions
Lecture 3- Differential and Cumulative Distributions.  Relations Between Number, Area and 
Weight Distributions
Lecture 4- Differences in Different Definitions of Particle Diameter and Their Reconciliation
Through Particle Shape
Lecture 5- Microscopy as a Useful Practical Technique to  Determine Number Distribution of 
Martin's Diameter
Lecture 6- Transformation of Microscopy Data to More Useful Area and Weight Distributions
Lecture 7- Standard Distribution Equations.  Rosin-Rammler Equation for Ground Powders, 
Nukiyama-Tanasawa Equation for Sprayed Powders and Monotonic Equation for 
Powders in Microscopic Range
Lecture 8- Determination of Rosin-Rammler and Monotonic Distribution Equations by "Best-fit" 
Methods Using Sieving Data.  Definition of Characteristic Particle Size of These 
Lecture 9- Important Powder Properties and Steepness Quality Factor Related to PSD.
Area-Volume Characteristic Curve, SSA Distribution, PSD Histogram
Lecture 10- Specific Surface Area Related to PSD - Pitfalls in Simple Extrapolation of Sieving Data
to Sub-Sieve ranges.  Methods to Refine PSD using Blaine Data
Lecture 11- Permeametry and BET Adsorption.  Specific Surface Area (or Blaine area) Apparatus:
Theory and Applications to Cement and Other powders
Lecture 12- Coulter-counter, Photosedimentometer, X-Ray sedigraph, Laser Diffraction, 
Microscopy, Sieving set and Sedimentation
Lecture 13- Demonstration of SIZEANAL Software


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