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TTC-2 : Methods for Analysis and  Optimisation of Process Parameters in Cement Industry

Lecture 1- Mathematical Correlation and Regression Techniques
Lecture 2- PSD of powders - Representation, Characterisation and Implication
Lecture 3- Rosin-Rammler Equation. Estimation of Parameters
Lecture 4- Monotonic Distribution. Estimation of Parameters
Lecture 5- Calculation of Specific Surface Area (or Blaine).  Importance of Shape Factors and
Lecture 6- Pitfalls of Using Rosin-Rammler Equation with Sieving Data.  Using Blaine to Refine
Lecture 7- Weight Distribution Measurement and Blaine determination of fractions below individual sieves.  Problem in Dry Sieving.
Lecture 8- Microscopic analysis of powders. Transformation of measured number distribution to weight distribution.  The critical importance of such a transformation.
Lecture 9- Particle Size Measurement Techniques.  Instruments Available, Their Shortcomings and Methods to Overcome the same.
Lecture 10- Demonstration of SIZEANAL Software
Lecture 11- Cement Strength Prediction from Clinker Chemical Composition, Cement Blaine and Residue Values
Lecture 12- Classifier Analysis  from PSD Data of Streams Around Classifier. One Feed-Two
Product (Ball Mill Circuit) and Two Feed-Two Product (Roller Mill Circuit) Cases
Lecture 13- Classifier Performance Parameters - Direct Bypass Fraction or Water-Split Ratio (Rf), Cut-particle diameter (d50), Sharpness Index of cut (SI), Tromp Efficiency Curve.  Ideal Tromp vs. Tromp, Recovery Efficiencies
Lecture 14- Demonstration of CLASANAL Software
Lecture 15- Stokes' Law of Settling.  Direct Methods of Calculation of Terminal Settling Velocity (ut) and Particle Size (dp).  Importance in Carryover Rates from Ball Mills, Other Grinding Mills, Kilns and Pneumatic Pipelines
Lecture 16- Centrifugal Collection in Cyclones. Collection Efficiency, Cut-particle Diameter (d50), Pressure Drop.
Lecture 17- Demonstration of CYCLONE Software
Lecture 18- Ergun's Equation for Flow Through Packed Beds.  Application to Blaine Permeameter.
Methods to Extend Blaine Permeameter's Readings to other Powders.
Lecture 19- Raw-mix Design and Optimisation Through Linear Programming
Lecture 20- Demonstration of RAWMEAL Software
Lecture 21- Fractional Composition Analysis of Raw-mix.  Its importance in Kiln Operation
Lecture 22- Demonstration of FRACO Software
Lecture 23- Fan Characteristic Curves. Prediction of Flow Rate from Power
Lecture 24- Demonstration of FANS Software
Lecture 25- Ball Mill Simulation and Industrial Case Studies
Lecture 26- General Discussion and Conclusions


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