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TTC-1 : Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Process Optimisation

Lecture 1- Engineering Problems Leading to Linear and Quadratic Models
Lecture 2- Engineering Problems Leading to Logarithmic and Exponential Models
Lecture 3- Transformation of Other Models to Linear Models
Lecture 4- Methods to Solve Linear Model Equations - FORTRAN Subroutine
Lecture 5- Correlation Functions. Linear and Quadratic Regression - Best-fit Equations to
Lecture 6- Rosin-Rammler Equation and Other Specific Correlation Functions
Lecture 7- Monotonic Transform : Definition, Properties and Estimation
Lecture 8- Example Industrial Applications of Monotonic Transform
Lecture 9- Multivariable Regression and Applications.  Dimensional Analysis and 
                Dimensionless Correlations.
Lecture 10- Identification and Elimination of Spurious Data
Lecture 11- Solution of Functions - FORTRAN Subroutine
Lecture 12- Roots of Polynomial and Practical Relevance
Lecture 13- Numerical Differentiation and Integration
Lecture 14- Discrete Random Variables - Poisson Distribution and Parameter Estimation 
Lecture 15- Continuous Random Variables - Normal Distribution and Parameter Estimation
Lecture 16- Quick Methods for Estimating Probability Distributions
Lecture 17- t, F, Chi-Square and Uniform Distributions, Random Numbers 
Lecture 18- Engineering Problems Leading to Linear Programming
Lecture 19- Waste Heat Utilisation in Process Plants by Linear Programming
Lecture 20- General Discussion 
Lecture 21- FORTRAN 77 Basics
Lecture 22- FORTRAN 77 Functions
Lecture 23- FORTRAN 77 Functions
Lecture 24- Control Statements
Lecture 25- Small Example Programs
Lecture 26- The DO Statement
Lecture 27- Matrix Equations and Linear Regression with DO
Lecture 28- Input and Output
Lecture 29- Type of Files and Open Statement
Lecture 30- Example Mailing Program
Lecture 31- Functions and Subroutines
Lecture 32- Programs for Differential Equations and Polynomial Fitting
Lecture 33- Exercises for Pressure Drop and Power Calculations, Infinite Series and 
                 Friction Factor
Lecture 34- Compiling and Linking.  Modular Development of Programs.
Lecture 35- Simulation Basics - Process Industry Examples
Lecture 36- Flash Distillation
Lecture 37- Program for Flash Evaporation
Lecture 38- Process Circuit Simulation
Lecture 39- Bagasse Dryer Simulation
Lecture 40- Classifier/Separator Simulation
Lecture 41- Rotary Dryer Simulation
Lecture 42- Ball Mill Simulation
Lecture 43- C++ Basics
Lecture 44- Compiling and Linking.  Modular Development of Programs.
Lecture 45- C++ Functions
Lecture 46- Input and Output
Lecture 47- Control Statements
Lecture 48- Graphics Functions
Lecture 49- Function Subprogram
Lecture 50- Miscellaneous Topics
Lecture 51- Example Programs

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